Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alien Costume from Thrifted Vest

As I briefly mentioned in a post a few months ago, I ran the Disney World Marathon this past January.  And you can't very easily run 26.2 miles at the most magical place on Earth and not dress for the occasion!  I'm not a run-in-a-skirt kind of girl, and I didn't want to wear a crown, or anything else that would become annoying to wear for FOUR HOURS.  I originally thought about a Mickey costume, but I didn't want to search for red shorts and wasn't sure about running with the ears.  As it turned out, my marathon shoes were lime green and bright blue and reminded me a little bit of the Toy Story alien (remember this guy?).  Plus, I also had a pair of shorts in the same bright blue, so I decided to dress like the little guy.  As I am quite the procrastinator, I started working on this costume only the weekend before the race, but everything came out just fine in the end.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ugly Thrift Store Skirt into Cute Tote Bag

I found this faux-suede-ish skirt at the Goodwill near my house a few weeks ago, not sure what I would do with it when I got it home. After I washed it, I discovered that it fit alright and debated just cutting off the extra length to make a knee-length pencil skirt and using the excess to make a bag but decided against it. I decided I would never wear it as a skirt because I really don’t actually like the fabric, and there wouldn’t be enough fabric left to make a very big bag.  I thought that the ugly skirt fabric looked great with this bright floral fabric so I scrapped the pencil skirt idea and turned it into a cute tote bag instead.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated Thrift Store Skirt

Hello again, long lost blog!  It's been a crazy (almost) 2 months since I last shared a project.  During that time, I stayed busy...

...celebrating my birthday...

...decorating a groom's cake for a rehearsal dinner...