Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Vanity Chair!

Happy Sunday!  Dinner is in the crock pot and I've been on my feet all day, so it's time to sit down and write!

If you saw my post from earlier this week about the desk I turned into a vanity, you already know that I had trouble finding a suitable chair to go with it.  Well, I finally found the right one last week!  I’d taken our puppy, Pipsqueek, to be ‘fixed.’  Our vet is across town near where we lived when we got our first dog, Rocky, and I didn't want to drive back and forth across town twice that day, so I made plans to spend the time between drop-off and pick-up going to a few thrift stores and getting my hair trimmed, all within a 2 mile radius of the vet.  And I found The Chair at one of my stops.

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Vanity from Thrifted Desk

One of the projects I referred to in yesterday's post is the new vanity I made…in August.  I had the idea that I wanted to start back to blogging with this project after my unannounced break, and though I completed it in August, I kept waiting.  The main reason was that I wanted to wait to unveil it after I found just the right chair to go with it…but I had difficulty finding what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay, so I kept delaying.  Sure, I could have posted the vanity as it was and posted the new chair when I found it as a separate post, but I was convinced that I would find one quickly.  Days ticked by…then weeks…then months…and here I am in March returning to the blog…and I’m posting them separately anyway to keep the posts a bit shorter!  Oh well.  Now that you have (entirely too much) boring background information, I’ll get to the exciting stuff.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm baaack!

Hello again, online world!  I've been MIA for almost a year now, and though the three people who actually follow this blog know more or less what I've been up to in that time, I’ll enlighten anyone else who might stumble upon this post with a few of the basics.