Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty Polka Dot Kitchen Crock

Hello to you from the golf course!  Yep, I'm blogging as I ride along with the Mister while he and a few friends play a full 18.  Plenty of time to write a blog post and catch up on a bunch of old emails! 

I found this ugly old crock for $.75 at Goodwill a few months ago.  I'd been looking for something to put on the counter next to the stove to hold a few of the spoons and spatulas I use the most, and this was perfect.  Except it was really ugly. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thread Spool Dry Erase Board

The Mister got me this dry erase board for Christmas, and it was just a bit plain. I had the perfect place to hang it right between my giant bulletin/magnet board and the door to my sewing room, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit first. I thought of one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest when I joined it a couple of years ago and decided to do something similar.  So I pulled out some spools that were leftover from various other projects and got to work.