Monday, December 28, 2015

Sweater Dress with Side Bow Refashion

wool side bow sweater dress refashion after photo
My aunt recently cleaned out her closet and sewing stash and gave me the equivalent of a few suitcases worth of beautiful clothes and fabrics.  Vintage clothing made of linen, wool, and silk, and yards upon yards of wool, velvet, and a few decorator fabrics.  This beautiful blue wool sweater dress demanded to be the first to receive a makeover.

I love the color (it kind of reminds me of the color of the 'blurple dress' I refashioned a while back), but the style was a bit outdated.  It's better quality than most clothes you see today, though, and I was excited to give it new life.

I searched for ideas on Pinterest and came across a few sweater dresses with cute little bows on them here and here and decided to create my own version.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Coffee Table from Old Window

You might remember that I mentioned this table in the reveal of our Den Redesign project back in June, and I’m excited to finally share the coffee table I* made from an old window. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beach Dress Refashioned from Wrap Skirt

I’d love to report that I’m working at my new desk in my new office, but unfortunately I am not.  It’s 58 degrees in there, so I have retreated to the kitchen table.  It’s unfortunate because my dislike of trying to work at the kitchen table was one of the reasons I was so motivated to transform the office space.  But the window unit is still sitting on the floor in front of the window and I’m cold-natured to begin with, so sitting at a desk would make it hard to type as the blood retreats from my fingers into the core to keep the vital organs working.  Kind of reminds me of sitting in my old office at my former job, which was at a gym, so it was always frigid.

Friday, November 13, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 6

Wow!  Week 6 is here!  This One Room Challenge has been just that – a challenge.  And it’s been very rewarding.  I’m working at my new desk in my (not quite but almost finished) completely new office/sewing room, and I love it!

As I predicted in Week 1 and mentioned above, the room is not totally finished.  I’m truly OK with that, though.  It’s 400 times better than it was six weeks ago when this crazy challenge began, and there’s no way we would have made the changes that have been made in that amount of time without the timeline that the One Room Challenge provided, and I must thank Linda for that.  Thank you, Linda!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 5

To be completely honest, I’ve been procrastinating a bit on this week’s post.  A lot has been accomplished in a short amount of time but in my mind, at least, pictures don’t show very well all that has happened.  I spent most of the morning doing random tidying throughout the room, which is a sure sign that I’m putting something off.

But here we are in Week 5, which has presented a few challenges for me; the main two are the weather (it has been rainy and humid and therefore, not ideal for painting), and the fact that we headed out of town for a fun weekend with my brother and sister-in-law. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Doll Refashion: Maxi Dress from a Shirt Sleeve

Last week, I shared the DIY doll clothing rack I made for our friends' little girl's fifth birthday.  It was easy to make and turned out to be really cute, but without clothes on it, it just looked like a funny wooden basket.  So she'd immediately understand what it was, I made a few new clothing items for her new doll and hung them on it.

I started out by stitching up a couple elastic waist skirts, then created my first doll refashion from a scrap of a previous human refashion.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 4

Hello there!  It's Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  How did that happen?  A lot's been going on around here in the past week, and it's starting to look like an office/sewing room in here instead of a junk room that we pretend doesn't exist!

If this is your first time reading, thanks for stopping by!  I'm participating in the six-week long One Room Challenge sponsored by Calling it Home.  To see what I've been up to in previous weeks, click here.  To see what the other 150+ participants are up to this week, click here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DIY Doll Clothes Rack

Our good friends' little girl turned five this year.  Instead of a having birthday party, they celebrated with a trip to the American Girl store.  She thoroughly enjoyed her visit there, which included a tea party with her new doll.  

Since there was no party this year - and therefore no cake to be baked by yours truly - I decided that I would make a gift related to her doll.  I searched for ideas on Pinterest, and of course I found an overwhelming number of options that made me wish I was 8 again and in the prime of my doll enjoyment years.  The idea that I liked best and thought would be quite useful for corralling all the doll's shoes, brushes, and clothing was a portable clothes rack. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short on posting this week's update, but I figured it'd be better to wait a day and have a quality post rather than rush to complete it last night and wind up posting a less-than-my-best post.  Week 3 of the One Room Challenge has come and gone, and it was a busy one!  In addition to making headway in the office space, I baked a large quantity of red velvet cupcakes from scratch for a fiftieth birthday party, baked and decorated a cute fire truck cake for (and attended!) a two-year old boy's birthday party, and made a pretty awesome late birthday gift for his big sister, which I plan to share on the blog next week. 
  Week 4 should be a little quieter, though...

If this is your first time visiting Homespun by Laura, thanks for stopping by!  You can click here to find out more about the room I’m tackling during this 6-week challenge.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 2

Wow! This week has really flown by!  It’s been an incredibly busy week, and I’ve only had 12-14 hours of time to devote to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and the office/craft room in the past 7 days.  

Almost two hundred other bloggers and I are in Week 2 of the six-week One Room Challenge, and lots of progress is being made by many!  You can visit Calling it Home to see what the others are up to.  For me, Week 2 was a bit challenging as a result of a very condensed amount of time being available to work, but some changes were made nonetheless. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 1

I first became aware of the One Room Challenge sponsored by Linda of Calling it Home last spring.  The April Challenge was going on during the time I was redecorating our den, and I enjoyed reading along with many of the bloggers as I went through my own process over a longer period of time.  I decided then that I wanted to participate in the October challenge.  

The room over our garage, which we refer to as ‘the office,’ hasn’t been used as an office for over three years.  It’s become a bit of an attic space, storing ‘all that stuff we don’t know what to do with but just can’t get rid of and don’t want to put in the real attic’.  When I found out about the 6-week long One Room Challenge, I decided this was the perfect space to focus on.  The defined time span will be difficult, but it will be great motivation to work quickly to achieve my goal.

Warning:  This week's post is heavy on words and light on photos, but I promise future weeks will feature more pictures!

In all honesty, I started working on this 6-week challenge over 6 months ago without realizing it.  In February, I spent about 10 days working to clear out some of the clutter as we prepared for a yard sale in March, which was pretty successful and helped us get rid of a lot of ‘stuff’.  Even more stuff was donated to local thrift stores, and a lot was tossed.  Most of what filled the garbage bags was notes from some of our high school and college classes that we will never need.  It was fun looking through it all, though, and I hung on to a few assignments that were memorable. 
During that time, we also got rid of some furniture we didn’t need anymore, like the two desks we had in the space (which remind me of Dwight Schrute’s Megadesk in the Office), and I moved an old nightstand into our guest bedroom so it could actually be used as a nightstand.  There are still a couple of furniture pieces that need to be donated, sold, or moved to other rooms in the house.  And tons of books, papers, old toys, and other belongings that need to be sifted through again before being organized and placed on the shelves.

Temperatures hovered in the 50s in the office in February, so I bundled up.
The little dogs helped keep me warm, too!
We even settled on a paint color and I got started on painting one section of the room – but that only lasted for a few days.  By that point, it was May, so the temperature shot up and it became unbearable in there.  The window unit in the room hasn’t worked since before we bought the house, so it’s pretty uncomfortable in there from May-September and late November-early March.  We’ve had a functioning window unit that the Mister’s bosses passed on to us a few years ago sitting on the floor, which we will finally use to replace the old one in the coming weeks.

Enjoy a few photos of the space when we toured the house for the first time and how it looked in February as we got started sorting through our mess:

View from the top of the steps looking forward in February 2009...

...and February 2015:

View from the top of the steps looking left in February 2009...

...and February 2015:

And last, the view from the top of the steps looking right in February 2009...

...and February 2015:
If you look closely on the floor, you'll see the glass of wine I took
upstairs with me the night I started sorting through things.
In my current craft/sewing room, there are supplies just waiting to be moved into their new home above the garage: fabric, thrifted clothes waiting to be refashioned, and art and craft supplies.  But there's a lot of work to do before it's time to make that move!  Once the One Room Challenge is complete, I’ll convert the sewing room into another guest bedroom. 

For whatever reason, it’s gotten difficult for me to function in that space (ok, I’ll be honest.  it’s mostly the clutter).  There are actually three work stations in there, but each one has its limitations.  

One is really too small for me and my computer to easily fit.  
...and it's also a little hard to access these days...

The second is my beautiful antique sewing table that was really meant for someone much shorter than I am, so I’m always banging my knees on it, and it won’t function well as anything but a sewing table.  

I happened upon a yard sale one rainy day in 2009 or 2010 and found this beauty for $40!
The last is a giant desk we made by putting a large sheet of plywood over my cube shelves from Michael’s.  I absolutely love it.  It’s meant to be used as a fabric cutting and craft table, but winds up usually serving as a desk and is covered with desk items instead of being kept free for larger sewing or craft projects.  It’s where I cleared off a small space to paint and assembled the Mister’s birthday present a couple months ago and where I’ve worked on a few other scrapbooks and sewing projects over the years.  The main downfall of this piece is that when I stand at it to use it as a table, my back starts to hurt because it’s so low that leaning over it for any extended period of time just isn’t an option for me.  

Here it is the day we assembled it...I haven't seen the top of it since!!
But it did stay clear of clutter for about a year...
Also, the room has gotten so cluttered over the past few years that I feel a little lost – I’ll go in with the intention of working on Project 1 but then I see materials meant for projects 2-17 and I just get overwhelmed.  I wind up blogging in the kitchen or on the couch, and they’re just not the most productive spaces for me since they’re both in the middle of the action in the house, and I can see dishes in the sink and other messes that should get my attention, distracting me from actually sitting down and working.

Here are some images of what the sewing room looked like in January, and not much has changed in the past 10 months...this is a bit difficult to share, but it seems necessary!

The last – but of course, not least important – factor in my plans for the office is the Mister, who works from home on occasion.  Since the ‘office’ became the second attic, his at-home workspace has been the kitchen table.  In the event that I’m cooking or cleaning or working in the kitchen and he’s trying to work at the table, it winds up distracting him and slowing me down, which doesn’t work for either one of us.  Last, the kitchen table has turned in to the landing place for all of our mail, papers I need the Mister to look at, my grocery lists, new magazines that I haven’t had time to read yet, and more.  So a useable office space is really going to change things for us.  I can’t wait to have the separate space to work in, for the Mister to have a space to use when needed, and for the kitchen table to once again be a kitchen table.

Primary goal:  To create functional work space with less clutter
My main goal for the One Room Challenge is to create a multifunctional space that we can both use, with multiple work stations, and a chair for reading.  This room must be able to function as both an office and a sewing/craft space, provide lots of storage, and display a variety of items on its shelves.  In addition to storing fabric and magazines, the shelves will serve as a bit of a ‘museum’ of mementos and accomplishments from our childhoods, and as a library to store the books we’ve accumulated over our lifetimes that we would like to hang on to.

To accomplish this goal, the areas I’ll need to address during the course of the One Room Challenge are:

Paint walls and built-ins, stair rail and hardware.
As I mentioned before, I painted for a few days back in May, and I’ve been working on it again for the past week, but it’s a big job.  Those shelves are no joke.  Also, the options for removing and painting the handrail in the staircase are limited because it’s too long to move to the garage without opening the window in the laundry room and removing the screen so we can back it out of the staircase, then move it forward into the garage.  The easier option will be to just take it upstairs, but that means I have to clear out a space for it first.  I’ll most likely spray paint the hardware with a brushed nickel spray paint since that should look pretty good with the gray walls.  For the handrail, I’ll probably go with white paint instead of a darker stain so it matches with the rest of the white trim – and it will be a quicker process than staining it.  Last, I’ll paint the funny mini door to the small attic closet in the corner of the room.  I’ll either use the same white paint I’ve used everywhere else or a chalkboard or magnetic paint.

The paint we chose is Voyage by Valspar, but I had it mixed in Sherwin Williams paint to save a few dollars.  I have completed one wall, and I love it.  It's a blue-gray, which I prefer to a tan-gray, and I love the contrast between the gray and the true white I chose for the shelving and trim.  I love it so much I kind of want to paint the whole house gray when I'm looking at it (I won't, though!)!

Clear out the clutter!
This is a neverending process.  I have trouble getting rid of things because I form these funny little emotional attachments to all kinds of things, whether it’s a drawing I did in the second grade, a favorite shirt or dress from sixth grade, or all those Teeny Beanies I collected from my Happy Meals.  There’s no reason for me to keep them, but I just can’t part with them (some might call that hoarding…), partially because of my emotional attachment and partially because I worry that it just turns into junk in a landfill or junk on the Goodwill shelves.  And if it’s going to be junk on the Goodwill shelf, someone like me might come in and buy it to reimagine it into something else…and if that’s the case, then I should just keep it and do that myself!  I’m working through this, though, and am getting better at sorting things into Keep, Donate, Sell, and Trash categories slowly but surely.  

Create display for race bibs and running awards, books, scouting accomplishments, etc.
We met when we were sixteen and running cross country for our high school.  Since then we have continued to run in local races, and we have lots of race bibs, plus medals and plaques that we’ve earned over time and would like to display, so I’m excited to execute the plan I came up with over the summer.  It only exists in my head, so there are no photos to share!

We were both in scouts growing up and went all the way through to Eagle Scout (the Mister) and Gold Award (me), so we have sashes, badges, and other items marking achievements from those organizations that we would like to put on display. 

Last would be our collection of books – some are college textbooks that we hung on to, others are books we had as children, and others have been accumulated since we got married. 

Furniture:  new desk from thrift store, shelf made from Michael’s cubbies, new craft table, plant stand
The first piece of furniture that will go into our new office space is a pretty antique desk I found at a thrift store over a year ago and has been sitting in our garage ever since.  It needs some attention before it’s ready, but it has a beautiful shape. 

The tag says $18, but if I recall correctly, I got them to come down to
$15 because I knew the desk had been there for a few weeks.
I’ll leave my lovely sewing desk behind as a nightstand in the old sewing room, which will become a guest bedroom.  Instead, I’ll use one that my friend gave me.  It was her mother’s and grandmother’s and she’s not interested in sewing so gave it to me.  It’s much larger so will be more comfortable to sit at and will provide more work space.

The next piece of furniture, which is the third work space, is the new craft table that I’ll make from the plywood sheet from my current craft table/desk.  To make it taller, I’ll put the plywood sheet on top of two ~36” high shelves.  This will allow me to stand at the table without leaning over and will prevent my back from hurting!!  We have an extra barstool that had to be taken out of the den when we got the new couch in March, so it will serve as a seat for the new craft table.  At some point, I will probably cover the seat with different fabric so it will fit in with the room better.  I've seen many different versions of this desk on Pinterest, but this is one of my favorites.

The other two more major pieces of furniture will be a plant stand in front of the window and a shelving unit made from the Michael’s cubes that form the base of my current craft table.  I’ve discovered that the only place in our entire house I can keep a plant alive is in front of one of the windows in the office.  Because of the tall trees around us and the direction the house faces, no other windows let in enough direct sunlight to allow a plant to thrive, so I plan to have a few herbs and a flower or two on a stand.  I’m considering a couple different options for the plant stand and will decide which one I should proceed with after some of the other furniture is in place.

Before we built my current crafting desk, I collected a few cubes and made a simple
 craft storage shelf.  The new cube shelf in the office will be similar to this one.
Craft storage: refashions on closet rack, pegboard, big bulletin board, shelf for fabric, new craft table, rolly cart from Sam’s
The cube shelving unit above will be the primary area where craft supplies will be stored.  It will go against one of the few wall spaces not covered by built-in shelves.  Directly above it will be a large bulletin board, which I will eventually cover once I make a decision on fabrics.  And maybe frame with crown molding.  We’ll see. 

The same goes for the pegboard I’ll move from the current sewing room.  It was an anniversary gift from the Mister about a year after we moved in.  I had saved an issue of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine featuring a cool pegboard craft station unlike anything I had ever seen (this was pre-Pinterest!), and the Mister bought the supplies, then painted and assembled the thing as a surprise for me.  It will probably be repainted, but since it was a gift from him, our plan is for him to pick the color.  I’m considering framing it with molding, too. 

The quality of this photo is terrible (cell phone cameras have come a long way in the past few years)
...but here's the pegboard right after the Mister gave it to me.
The clothes hanging in the refashion closet will move to a new rolling rack in the sewing room.  My hope is that having them out and visible will help me to keep up with them – and not replenish them until there’s space to store new ones.  All the fabric in my stash will be wrapped around small boards and stored on one of the built-ins where there is no direct sunlight to prevent fading.
That's a lot of refashionables!
Last, to make it easier to move among different work stations and keep the surfaces free from clutter, I found a rolling cart at Sam’s a couple months ago that I’ll put my most frequently used items on.

Update fixtures: New fans and light fixture.  New window unit.
Probably the most important changes will include replacing the fluorescent lights (one of which doesn’t even work anymore) with ceiling fans, replacing the outdated light at the bottom of the staircase with a new one, and finally installing that new window unit, which will make the room useable year-round.   The Mister will be a huge help with these as they are a bit out of my wheelhouse.

Finishing touches: Fabric, art, photos, and colors
It’ll be 100% fine with me if I don’t have curtains, pillows, and a few other décor items perfectly in place at the end of these 6 weeks.  I want to make sure all the furniture and large wall hangings are in place before I make the final call on several décor decisions and will be making the curtains and any pillows myself, so the final touches may stretch a bit beyond six weeks. 

The plan is to use navy, turquoise/teal, and hot pink as accents in the gray and white room, and I don’t anticipate any changes there.  I’ll most likely make Roman shades for the windows since I think full-length curtains would crowd the walls, but I’ll make that call when things start to get cleared out and I get the furniture in place. 

I’m using white frames in a variety of sizes to frame a few photos and paintings.  The main area that I’ll be able to hang them will be on the walls in the staircase, where there are currently several posters the Mister bought during his freshman year of college and had in his dorm rooms before they wound up in our house.  Most of them will be rolled up and stored for now, but I have a plan for showcasing two of his favorites so it feels like OUR space, not just mine, and I have one more surprise up my sleeve for him.

For anyone who read this entire post, thank you for sticking with me.  I hope you’ll check back in over the next six weeks to see the progress we’ve made!  


Friday, September 18, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake, Volume 3

Hello there!  In reviewing some numbers on the blog recently, I realized that my Let Them Eat Cake post from soon after I began this blog in 2012 is by far my most popular post.  Soon after that original post, I shared a few more in Let Them Eat Cake, Volume 2.  But in the three years since I wrote those first two posts, many more cakes have been enjoyed by friends and family, and I'll be sharing some of them here in Volume 3.  Take a look; maybe you'll get an idea for a cake or two of your own!

Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Reveal a Surprise Trip, Rediscovering my Love for Watercolors, and Our Trip to NYC - Part 2

New York City skyline with watercolor image in foreground
Welcome back for Part 2 of the post with the longest title ever! 

I've never planned a trip by myself before.  I've never surprised anyone with such a big gift, either.  As the time to reveal my plans got closer, I started to worry a little that the Mister wouldn't like it or that when we actually got there, the trip wouldn't live up to the hype I'd created.  Also, what if I'd planned too many activities for each day and we wound up rushing from one to the next without fully enjoying each one?  I'm happy to say all these worries were unfounded; somehow I'd allowed the right amount of time for each event that we even had time to wander a bit with no destination.  I just couldn't stop worrying for a couple of days there.  

Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Reveal a Surprise Trip, Rediscovering my Love for Watercolors, and Our Trip to NYC - Part 1

watercolor painting of the Frying Pan lightship at Maritime 66 pier in New York City
 This post has the longest title of any I've ever written.  I tried about six different ones, but none of them quite got all three ideas across, and each one seemed too important to eliminated, so there it is.  The award for Longest Post Title Ever goes to this one (and tomorrow's).

The Mister had a big birthday this year, and I spent the three months leading up to it planning a surprise trip to New York City to celebrate.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Painted Initial Pillow

Hello and happy last day of July!  This month really flew by and I can’t believe that August will begin tomorrow.  July was full of vacations and family time, but it’s back to the real world, and I’m excited to share a quick and easy little project that can add a lot of personality to any room.  I’ve been meaning to share it for about two months now, but when they go by as fast as July did, it’s hard to keep up!  

Friday, July 24, 2015

Projects for my Parents: Part 3

The third and final project that we completed for our Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Work Weekend last month was to create and install a shelf above the microwave in my parents’ kitchen.  For the first 27 or 28 years that we lived here (it just feels weird to only say ‘they lived here’ and exclude myself from it even though I moved out over seven years ago), there was a giant built-in microwave.  A couple years ago, though, it finally died, and my parents had to buy a new one.  The new one is much smaller than the first and looked so lonely in such a large opening.  And when my dad sawed off the wooden trim to remove the old broken microwave, some of the trim turned out a little uneven and needed to be smoothed out. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Projects for my Parents: Part 2

This lamp has looked a little sad for a really long time.  First of all, I can’t remember it ever working.  The theory is that somewhere along the way, its wires were accidentally cut while someone was doing yard work.  Or maybe some tree roots broke them as they grew.  Can tree roots break electricity lines?  There are several trees that were planted in my parents' yard in the last 20 or 25 years that have grown into giants that could have done that, if it’s actually a possibility.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Projects for my Parents: Part 1

Last month, the Mister and I made a trip up to my parents’ house for a weekend to give them their Mother’s and Father’s Day gift.  It wasn’t something tangible, though; we went up for a visit and to complete some projects around the house that they’ve wanted to be done for some time now.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Den Redesign: The Reveal

Well, it’s finally time!  This months-long redecorating effort is (for now) complete and ready for its internet debut.  If you’ve been following along for the past couple of months, this is just a summary wrapping up the projects you've read about already and showing the room as a whole.  If you’re new here, though, grab a snack or a drink (or both!) and get comfortable – there’s plenty to catch up on!  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Media Stand made from Old Nightstand

For some time, I've been halfheartedly looking for a new piece of furniture to serve as a small 'media stand' for the den.  I couldn't find anything I liked in thrift stores, so after a few months, I sort of stopped looking.

Then, one day last month, I was in the last mile of a 14-mile run in an historic neighborhood downtown, when up ahead of me I saw what appeared to be a piece of furniture on the side of the road.  As I got closer, I saw that it wasn't just my glucose-depleted state causing my imagination to run wild or a trick of the light; it was, in fact, an upside-down, three-legged nightstand that had seen better days.  It was the perfect size and had the exact design I envisioned for my little media stand - a large opening for the cable box and DVD player and a drawer for small items (matches for the fireplace, extra extension cords, etc.) to be hidden.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Den Redesign: New Couch and Custom Pillows

It's a cool rainy afternoon here, so I've opened up the windows to listen to nature's soundtrack as I work.  It's quite peaceful and a nice change.  But - let's move on to the new couch and pillows!  Our couch was delivered in early March, so some of the new-ness has worn off (and Pipsqueek broke it in quickly by throwing up on it the day we got it...but I cleaned it right away and you can't even see a stain!), but we're both still very excited about it and the changes we've made in the den so far.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Den Redesign: Upholstered Chair and Ottoman

I’m coming to you on this beautiful morning from the back patio, where it’s in the mid-70s and mostly shady, though the sun will hit any minute now and it will jump to 85 and sunny, causing me to flee inside to the air conditioning.  It was very cool (for May) here over the weekend, so we were able to break in our new firepit the other night.  It was a nice change from our usual evening routine, which mainly consists of watching tv together after dinner.

But onto the main topic of this post - the upholstered chair.  We bought this chair and matching ottoman at a furniture consignment store about five years ago, and it’s been in need of attention ever since.  It wasn’t in horrible condition – and it’s always been super comfortable – but it looked a little sad and needed some help.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Den Redesign: Linen Curtains with Hidden Tabs

Today I’m coming to you from a shaded table on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant downtown.   I've got a nice view of a fountain across the street and recent college graduates walking around in their black gowns, surrounded by family members.  It’s a nice change of pace from blogging on our new couch, which is really unproductive because it’s so comfortable it just makes me want to take a nap.  I really should get around to creating a new office space with a dedicated area for the computer soon.  But first, I must finish the den project, which brings us around to curtains.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Easy DIY Curtain Rods + Finials

I'm back today to share my DIY curtain rods and finials with you!  These were a fun project to work on, and paired with the new curtains, they really make a big impact in the room.  The best part?  The materials came in at under $11 per window and it took only an afternoon to make them (ok, so that's two parts)!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Den Redesign: Updating the Banisters and Staircase

I'm including this post in the Den Project category since it really changes the look of our entryway, which is basically in our den; there's not much of a foyer to speak of in our house. It updates the look of the entire room, and the result of this approximately two-month long project was certainly worth the wait.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Den Redesign: The Plan (and my first mood board!)

Here's one area that actually looks done!
It's a habit of mine to conceptualize and complete a project long before it ever makes an appearance on the blog.  I complete one project and before I know it, I'm already so wrapped up in the next one that I can't stop myself long enough to go back and write about the previous one - and then don't wind up writing about the second one in a timely manner, either.  

So with this project, I'm trying to do better.  I'm sharing the plan before I even start on it to help keep myself accountable.  The idea is that I'll actually write about different parts of the project as I go so it's not all waiting for me as one giant, overwhelming post at the end.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Everything - Including the Kitchen Sink!

It's been a cold couple of weeks for us here in SC!  It hasn't gotten out of the 30s for a couple of days, which is not normal for us; it's been windy, too.  The high today is 32 with wind gusts up to 40 mph!  What happened to our average February temperature of 60?!  I'm staying warm on the couch snuggled under a blanket, two little balls of fluffy and fuzzy cuteness curled up next to me, with a bowl of warm tomato soup, my new favorite lunch for the past few weeks during this super cold weather.  Now that you have a mental image, let's get down to business.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tangy Tomato Basil Soup

Welcome to my first ever recipe post!  I've thought about sharing a few of our favorites for some time now - and have finally decided to do it, starting with this soup recipe. It's tangy, thick, and slightly cheesy - and ready in under 20 minutes!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sweater Refashion: Part 3

The last remaining bit of sweater after part 1 and part 2 were complete was just asking to be made into something else.  I wasn’t sure what to make it into at first, so I typed in ‘sweater refashion’ on Pinterest and found this headband, which stuck with me as I continued searching.  Living in the ‘famously hot’ city of Columbia, SC, there isn't often a need for more than just a vest or a coat when I’m out and about since we drive everywhere and generally only have to be outside long enough to walk from the car to the store/restaurant/theater and right back to the car when we leave.  But for the few times each year when it is cold enough to want a head cover, this one will fit the bill – for free! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sweater Refashion: Part 2

After I finished sweater refashion part 1, my feet were cold so I pulled the sleeves on like socks and walked around wearing the rest of the sweater as a pair of attached socks for the evening – probably not recommended, but I never did trip, so that’s good news.  Other good news: they kept my feet warm!  So I decided that what I would do with the sleeves is make myself a pair of knee-length lounging socks for days I spend a large portion of my time working on projects at home.