Monday, December 28, 2015

Sweater Dress with Side Bow Refashion

wool side bow sweater dress refashion after photo
My aunt recently cleaned out her closet and sewing stash and gave me the equivalent of a few suitcases worth of beautiful clothes and fabrics.  Vintage clothing made of linen, wool, and silk, and yards upon yards of wool, velvet, and a few decorator fabrics.  This beautiful blue wool sweater dress demanded to be the first to receive a makeover.

I love the color (it kind of reminds me of the color of the 'blurple dress' I refashioned a while back), but the style was a bit outdated.  It's better quality than most clothes you see today, though, and I was excited to give it new life.

I searched for ideas on Pinterest and came across a few sweater dresses with cute little bows on them here and here and decided to create my own version.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Coffee Table from Old Window

You might remember that I mentioned this table in the reveal of our Den Redesign project back in June, and I’m excited to finally share the coffee table I* made from an old window. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beach Dress Refashioned from Wrap Skirt

I’d love to report that I’m working at my new desk in my new office, but unfortunately I am not.  It’s 58 degrees in there, so I have retreated to the kitchen table.  It’s unfortunate because my dislike of trying to work at the kitchen table was one of the reasons I was so motivated to transform the office space.  But the window unit is still sitting on the floor in front of the window and I’m cold-natured to begin with, so sitting at a desk would make it hard to type as the blood retreats from my fingers into the core to keep the vital organs working.  Kind of reminds me of sitting in my old office at my former job, which was at a gym, so it was always frigid.